Mickey Hotel, Berastagi


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International buffet

Discover new experiences in a hotel, resort, and theme park with a touch of nature and fresh mountain breeze. Take on a journey along the breathtaking sceneries to reach the pleasant destination.

Only Mikie Holiday can offer you a place with complete facilities, continuously improved services, wide varieties of food and beverages, and the modern design of every room that is always well-maintained.

Mikie Holiday also offers a theme park for the whole family to enjoy. You can increase your stamina in the hot water pool, jump on the trampoline, or test your balance on the Gladiator.

Each room at Mikie Holiday follows the minimalist design to create a zen-like atmosphere. The Star Theater,
standing grand and offering the state of the art technology, is a sensation of its own. 

The complete facilities of the conference rooms and the ballroom with the team building and professional equipments will help your company reach its goals.  All these are our commitment to give you the best.

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