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Sangkhla Buri as a tour and holiday destination

Sangkhla Buri is a district in Thailand's province of Kanchanaburi, which borders the country of Myanmar. This area is fit for tourists who want to see the real Thailand, which is very much different from the highly commercialized tourist destinations in the country. It is a nice place to see and experience Thailand's culture at its rawest.

Buses from Bangkok ferry tourists in and out of Sangkhla Buri. There are no international flights into the province that is why all tourists planning to visit the area, stopover in Bangkok, before going to Sangkhla Buri.

Things to do in Sangkhla Buri

The city is near the famous Three Pagoda Pass, which is a gateway to the main land route to India. It is an ancient, historical place and it is really worth to visit. In the city itself, there are a lot of ancient Buddhist temples and villages which shows the traditional life and culture of Thailand. Another breath-taking travel attraction in Sangkhla Buri is the Saphan Mon, which is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, which is around 400 meters.

The province is famous for its textiles and of the main things tourist can buy in Sangkhla Buri. Handicrafts of all sorts are the Best perfect souvenirs as a remembrance of the beauty and exoticness of Thailand. Food served is purely local cuisine, especially in mountain villages, where modernization hasn't still gained a foothold. There are various restaurants in the Town market, where one can taste cuisines from Burma, Myanmar and Thailand.

Best time to visit Sangkhla Buri 

Nightlife is mainly confined to bars and pubs, especially as drinking of alcohol publicly is not allowed. Every restaurant comes to life when the sun sets and everyone thirsting to have a good night of fun and excitement is quenched. The best time to go is always after the monsoon season. One can quickly say that a holiday retreat in Sangkhla Buri can really relieve stress and allow the transformation into a better human being. The province is filled of things to do and sights to see, which will be a perfect way to explore the hidden wonders of Thailand.


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