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Damascus, located on the edge of the Syrian Desert, is not only a place that has biblical significance to billions of Christian worldwide, but it is also a place with a lot of historical significance. The city bears the distinctions of being one of the few places on earth to have survived so many civilizations. Some of these civilizations include Greco-Romans, Muslims, Crusaders, French, Arab civilizations among others. This city therefore has plenty to offer tourists on holiday regardless of where their interests lie.

Damascus, Syria has plenty of attractions to offer anyone who visits the city. You can opt to go on tours that are historical, architectural, religious, or artistic in nature among other things. The National Museum located there will ensure that you get access to some of the best Greco-Roman sculptures and pottery. If you are interested, in religious architectural masterpieces the Omayyad Mosque that has acted at one time or another as a place of worship for both Muslims and Christians should be your first stop. The Souk El-Hamidiye on the other hand bears the distinction of being one of the oldest souks in the world and anything you want can be found there. Backpacking is also a common activity and there are plenty of stops for people interested in doing so.

The best time to travel to Damascus, Syria will usually vary based on what you prefer in terms of weather and budget. September, October, April and May usually have fair temperatures that are manageable and are therefore the best months for tourists to visit. There are over 70 hotels in the city so accommodation is not a problem. During the annual film festival however, you may want to book early. Other festivals you can enjoy when you travel to Damascus include the annual flower show, the annual jazz festival, and the ever-popular Jasmine Festival. Needless to say a visit to this historically significance cradle of Christianity will be well worth your money.


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