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Jeju Island as a tour and holiday destination

Jeju island in South Korea is a wonderful, travel destination for tourists during the summer holiday season. This island has become one of the iconic vacation spots of South Korea and has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourist every year. The island which is also called the "island of the gods" is surely a nice haven for people who want to let go of their hectic lives and enjoy a relaxing taste of nature's delight.

Things to do on Jeju Island 

There are currently 23 airlines catering for local and international flights directly into this tropical paradise. However, most tourists will stop over by Gimpo or in Busan for extra sight-seeing opportunity and convenience. One can also ride ferries from the mainland to the island. It is one of the most favored means of travel as it gives tourist the chance to view the South Korean coast.

Tourists will find beautiful natural formations such as the Manjanggul Lava tube (The largest known lava column) and the Seongsan Iichubong or the Sunrise peak truly awesome. However, most tourists come to Jeju to enjoy a summer paradise in picturesque beaches, sandy shores and a nice, relaxing bath. Most restaurants in Jeju Island offer their renditions of favorite recipes in Korean cuisine. It creates a nice place to taste the best of Korean food and its famous Kimchi. However, for people who would still prefer international cuisine, there are great restaurants which will provide you with tastes from Chinese, Japanese, European and American cuisine. Shopping is also a breeze as the island is full of wonderful areas where one can buy excellent souvenirs.

Jeju will bring out a unique tropical experience. Jeju gives tourists the chance to let go, enjoy and indulge in entertainment of all sorts. From a simple night out in a bar, to all night party extravaganza, Jeju is really gives tourists the time of their lives.

Best time to visit Jeju Island 

The Jeongwol Fire festival is an exciting festivity to witness. It is a good time to visit the island during this festival as one will surely be amazed on the level of the firework display during the said event. Regularly set on the 15th of February, the night long party and fireworks begin around 7pm and ends when people like it to end. Originally, the festival was a way to rid the island of pestilence; it has become one of the enduring and exciting events the Island has to offer.


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Explore all of Korea’s signature beauty with this tour that brings you from the vibrant Seoul to the serene Jeju Island. Tour comes with a ski session too, perfect for couples and family! 

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