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Mandalay as a tour and holiday destination

Mandalay is a city in Myanmar (Burma). The city is the former capital of Myanmar, and is now a thriving religious and economic hub. At the very center of the city is the royal palace which is one of the first attractions that many people look for when they are visiting this place. As a holiday destination it is certainly an interesting one, and you will be able to get tours in English if you do decide to travel here. As well as modern buildings, there are plenty of temples to visit and museums to offer you a good look at the history of this unique place.

Things to do in Mandalay

When you go to Mandalay there will be a lot of interesting places to visit. You can take a look at Mandalay Hill. This is something that you had to climb by foot back in the old days, but it is a lot easier these days. There is also a comedy show called the Moustache Brothers on 39th Street. If you are interested in getting around then you can take a look at the bicycles or the rickshaws. These will be more than happy to bring you around to different attractions in the city.

Best time to visit Mandalay

Mandalay is a dry zone so you can visit both during the summer and the winter time. When visiting Mandalay it is a good idea to choose which season you want to go in. Being a dry zone, it does not receive that much rain and therefore it can end up getting very hot. Overall it is a generally safe city and if you stick to well-lit areas and go to the regular tourist places then you should be fine when you are traveling around here.


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