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There are few islands left in the world like Pulau Tenggol. The fine island in an exquisite chain that includes Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang, it is connected to the outside world only by ferryboat to Dungun. Though Pulau Tenggol presently belongs to Malaysia, it is so far removed from the mainland that it appears as a land that time forgot. Its pristine natural beauty, white sandy beaches, and crystal blue seas come in part from the fact that for centuries Pulau Tenggol was uninhabited. In fact, it was not until the Vietnam War when some Vietnamese boat people came ashore that there was human habitation. This newest wonder of the world is perfect for holiday travel, and is perhaps the gem of all Malaysia.

Also known as Tenggol Island, Pulau Tenggol is primarily visited for its wondrous seascape. Whether scuba diving for fun or for up-close study of aquatic life, activity on this small island (three kilometers long and two kilometers wide) is dominated by the sea. The Tenggol Island Beach Resort is an excellent place to stay. It has all the modern amenities and a small cafe. The Sun Aroma Cafeteria offers a selection of mouth-watering authentic Malaysian cuisine. The Tenggol Island Beach Resort is one of the handful of diving centers on the island, boasting DAN oxygen kits for emergencies, high-quality equipment, and an excellent kit-up facility.

Visitors on holiday are advised to travel between the months of March and October. Divers take advantage of the clearest water from the south during those months. Likewise, the ground water is usually used for bathing and washing. Drinking the water requires that it be filtered and boiled. This is a small price to pay, however, for a sunny tropical paradise like Pulau Tenggol!


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