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Pulau Sibu is a Malaysian island set off the East coast of the country. If you are looking for a holiday that brings you into the lap of nature and luxury, then this is where you should plan to go as it is a destination that relaxes the mind, body and revitalizes the sense. Also known as Sibu Island, it is one of Malaysia's top travel destinations.

If you wish to truly explore the natural beauty of the region, then Pulau Sibu should be on your travel plans. Just three hours away from Singapore, the island is about six kilometers long and a kilometer wide. There are several resorts for you to choose from in this small and intimate place. The terrain of the island is rather interesting and includes beaches, hills and cliffs, all waiting for the visitor to explore. On the Southern part of Pulau Sibu is a fishing village worth seeing.

Some of the key attractions of Pulau Sibu are the water sports it offers. If you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving you will take pleasure in the pristine waters around the island. In the coral reef that surrounds Pulau Sibu, colorful marine life is in abundance. Off the coast, one can also consider exploring shipwrecks. For the adventurous, the jungle trails of Pulau Sibu offer a fantastic experience. The rich and colorful bird life makes the forest a treat to explore.

Pulau Sibu is a beautiful and romantic holiday spot. You could take a leisurely walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset, when this part of Malaysia looks magical, almost ethereal. It is hard to believe that the hectic pace of city life is only a few hours away.


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Pulau Sibu

The panoramic sea views, the coral reefs and the white sandy beaches make Pulau Sibu a special holiday place, where you can easily fall in love with.

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