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Malacca is the capital city of the Malacca State and one of the smallest cities in Malaysia. The rich cultural and historical background of the city attracts millions of tourists to visit the city every year. Among the previous rulers of this state have been Portuguese, Dutch, and British rulers. The city is famous for its fishing and native Malays were the ones who discovered it. Among the greatest landmarks of Malacca are A'Famosa Resort, Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum, Bukit Cina, and Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum. The main attraction of the city is Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, where thousands of tourists come to perform their traditional worshipping.

If you want to see the true reflection of Malaysian country and want to get accustomed to the actual history of the country before it became the global hub for the people around the globe, then you must visit Malacca. The city is best suited for all kinds of people, be them a couple, a bunch of friends, or other professionals who want to tour a peaceful place for their holiday period. The tourists will enjoy the delicious fish and other meat products baked in Malacca as the city is equipped with a plenty of state of the art restaurants. There are also many hotels in the city that will entertain you throughout your stay there by entertaining you with some cultural displays and shows.

The city is located along the bay actually and the cold winds keep blowing throughout the year. Therefore, you can tour the city any time in the year as you will find the experience pretty pleasant. The religious diversity of people living across the city offers its visitors many festivals and events to observe and celebrate along with the residents there throughout the year.  Visiting Malacca city would therefore be one of the wonderful and memorable tours for you.


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