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Mount Fuji as a tour and holiday destination

Mt. Fuji is the iconic mountain that represents Japan. There are countless number of posters, paintings, photographs and illustrations of Mt. Fuji, which signifies its revered status as the country's most famous and sacred mountain. Mt. Fuji is situated approximately 100 km southwest of Tokyo. The mountain can be visited by bus and taxi; however most prefer to ride a bus, especially during the official visiting schedule for the mountain.

Mt. Fuji is unique because of its conical shape and it's almost perpetually snow-covered. The mountain is famous because of its serene beauty and aesthetic qualities which captivates everyone looking at it. They say that one can spend a whole life looking at this mountain and will not say that it was wasted.

Things to do on Mount Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a unique travel destination as one can find a working vending machine at its summit. One can easily buy food on every stop on a hiking trail because of these amazing vending machines, which is a sight to be seen. Shopping for souvenirs is very easy as there are picture booths on the mountain itself. Various mountain climbing utensils are also sold at the mountain. Nightlife atop the Mountainside is often confined to various resting huts that cater to customers spending the night on Mt. Fuji. These resting huts offer various kinds of meals and rural style accommodations, which will give that unique camping feel.

Best time to visit Mount Fuji 

The official climbing season for Mt. Fuji is from July to August. Those visiting during the summer holiday season can find the Mountain full of tourists. Visiting the mountain when the climbing season is over is not advised as most facilities are closed and weather conditions on the mountain become unpredictable.


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Tokyo is a modern city with cutting-edge architecture, glitzy nightlife, century-old temples, unique food culture and of course shopping in Ginza. Away from the hectic city life there is the majestic Mt Fuji in all its glory. 

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