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Surabaya is a country that is the heart of Indonesia's and East Java's shipping district. If you are, however, fortunate enough to find yourself in Surabaya and have a little time to kill, then you may actually be in for quite a memorable experience. The city is located in the northeastern shore of Java, on the Madura Strait. It is an important center of shipping, transportation and other industries. The people of Surabaya are a proud and distinctive group. The very name of their city lends to a popular myth in the annals of the area's history, where two beasts, a shark and a crocodile fought to gain supremacy and respect as the most fearsome animal. The leadership of the city prides itself on that account and hopes it is a draw for those who may wish to learn more. It is arguable that the citizens of Surabaya feel the same strong regional pride in their home city and are proud to share this pride with newcomers. The region is no stranger to strife and conflict, so it is no surprise that this reflects in the name of the city.

Things to do in Surabaya

Surabaya may be quite easy to overlook when planning a tour to parts unknown, but for the student of culture and history, Surabaya should definitely be on your bucket list. Surabaya boasts the Surabaya Heroes Monument and their Monument of Monkasel. For the terminal shopper, Surabaya's Kayoon Park and Flower Market has lots of shopping. Be prepared to haggle, but keep an open mind and a spirit of fun, and relish the experience. Another hot spot for shoppers as well as folks who enjoy the nightlife or youth scene is the G-Walk, in Citraland. The place comes to life in the after hours and can get quite crowded. You can expect stalls stuffed to the brim with local and international goods as well as most excellent eats. If the native shopping culture isn't to your taste, and if you prefer shopping experiences more in line with Western practices, don't worry. Surabaya, due to its status as a hub of commerce, business, and economic activity, has an excellent and wide assortment of malls, shops, and boutiques. There is something there for everyone.

Best time to visit Surabaya

As a holiday destination, Surabaya may not be for everyone as it is very hot most of the year (except of course, during the rainy season, when the rain starts and doesn't stop). Expect hot, humid weather most of the year. Still, that shouldn't stop you from this destination in light of the fact that Surabaya has so much to offer, traditionally and internationally. From food, to water parks, to all kinds of shopping and tourist attractions, Surabaya, Indonesia will continue to thrive. Will you be a part of it?


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Surabaya is the melting pot of all things Javanese. A trip around the city will open your eyes to the colorful Indonesian tradition, culture and life.

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