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Berastagi is a hilltop city in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is one of the major travel destinations in Indonesia mainly due to the number of tourist attractions, picturesque scenery, cool mountain air and tasty delicacies. Tourists from all over the world flock to this remote, Indonesian getaway to experience the beauty and serenity of nature.

Things to do in Berastagi

Berastagi is towered upon by two, majestic Volcanoes, namely Sinabung and SIbayak. Hikers from everywhere come to this place to climb these mountains. The village of Lingga, which is famous for its horn-shaped houses, is also located in Berastagi. The cultural heritage of Indonesia is well kept in this rural, yet exotic city.

The city is famous for its Passion fruit, which is an internationally famous delicacy. This purple, round fruit is often the ingredients in many juice mixes and even made into wine. Shops of every kind sell products made from the Passion fruit. Also, Berastagi also caters the best Indonesian cuisine for the enjoyment of tourists both local and abroad. Traditional cuisine is served in many of its restaurants. Berastagi nightlife starts at 6pm. Bars and clubs will be filled with people wanting to spend the night hours in entertainment and excitement. A number of hotels provide the best place to spend the night in comfort and luxury.

Best time to visit Berastagi

Going to Berastagi is best after the monsoon season, which generally comes by from November all to February. It is also best to go during the holiday season, the Feast of flowers and fruits and during the Mejuah-juah festivals which happens annually.


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Samosir Island - Medan
Countries visited: Indonesia
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An ideal private sightseeing holiday for the whole family where we take you to Lake Toba, explore Batak King’s tomb, visit Sipiso-piso waterfall and Berastagi’s active volcanoes – Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung. 

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