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Munnar as a tour and holiday destination 

Munnar is an amazing and traditional hill station town within the state of Kerala in India. The name Munnar is believed to mean Three Rivers due to the fact that the town is strategically located at the confluence of rivers Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. It is the largest town within the area measuring about 557 km². This hill station is technically surrounded by India's highest tea gardens. Munnar was the summer resort for most British tourist and is still an attractive location for a serene holiday. One interesting thing about Munnar is the fact that it is home to the Strobilanthus, a unique blue flower that only blooms once in twelve years. It also has a national park that hosts some of the endangered mountain goat species. The valley view from some of the best hotels in town is also breathtaking especially in the morning.

Things to do in Munnar

The Munnar town is mainly Indian, meaning their food, cultures and traditions are generally Indian too. The main language is Malayalam although you can also communicate with some of the locals in English or Hindi. Most people visit Munnar for honeymoon, hikes and other attractions. Married couple can definitely enjoy the serene environment that this location provides. There are quite a number of attractions and activities that tourists can engage in. And because this is a tourist attraction site, you can never miss to find a decent accommodation package in a nice hotel.

Best time to visit Munnar 

The weather in Munnar is generally tropical. The altitude of this small town in India is between 1500m high to 2,695m so, it is only reasonable to expect it to be chilly. However the best month to visit Munnar is between the month of August and December.  Aside from some of the most scenic attractions in the town, one also gets to enjoy the vibrant culture and hospitality of the Munnar people. It is definitely a must visit for a unique holiday vacation.


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