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Shenzhen as a tour and holiday destination

Shenzhen is one of the largest and richest cities in the Guandong province and also one of the major economic zones in all of China. Situated a mere 27 miles north of Hong Kong, it has also attracted tourists from all over the world. Its travel destinations and wonderful attractions have created a tourism economy that fuels its financial strength.

Things to do in Shenzhen 

Shenzhen is full of wonderful amusement parks, like the "window to the world" amusement park. It is a nice way to jumpstart your enjoyment of the city. The city also has numerous gardens, Forest and Mountain parks. Museums and galleries such as the Shenzhen museum are worth visiting. Visiting historical sites in the city is also a must for all tourists. One will fully grasp the long and ancient history of Chinese culture.

The Luohu Commercial city will transform how shopping is to tourist who have the chance to visit this incredibly large shopping district. It is a whole district of shops, which sells practically everything you need. The Hua Quiang Bei is the world's center of electronics. Every kind of electronic gizmos and gadget can be bought here. Lastly, for tourists who would like to have more westernized shopping experience, there are 8 wall-marts scattered throughout the city. Food is one of the best things tourist will experience in Shenzhen. Tourist will taste the best of Chinese cuisine, which is popular all over the world. There are also hundreds of restaurants that offer western style cuisine. The city is also home to every popular fast food chain today. From Hong Kong, Shenzhen is just a short bus or taxi ride. One can also ride ferries into the city from Hong Kong. This can be a nice way to have a good panoramic view of the both cities.

Nightlife in Shenzhen stretches entertainment to both extremes. Nightclubs, bar and restaurants remain open all through the night to cater to people who would like to spend the night in fun. One can find every kind of entertainment in Shenzhen and this level of nightlife never stops. The best time to go to Shenzhen is every day. As the city is a huge metropolis, it is also a city that never sleeps. It is a nice summer destination and is also a nice place to go during the holiday off.


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