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The city of Guilin is a scenic town in Guangxi Region, China that sits on the bank of River Lijiang and derives its name from the large number of Sweet Osmanthus trees found in the area. Guilin has feature rarely found in other cities around the world, Karst hills. These small hills rise steeply from the ground and surround the city center. The Karst hills, four lakes, and two rivers surrounding the city give it a picturesque look that draws tourists from all over the world.

Things to do in Guilin 

Besides the unique landscape features, Guilin has other attractions to offer. To start with, visitors can take tours and sample local food and snacks such as chestnut glutinous rice dumplings, stewed duck with ginger, rice noodles, and stewed duck with gingko. If you love souvenirs, you can buy gold, silver and pearl necklaces or bracelets. You can also buy Chinese paintings that depict local rivers and mountains. Some of the popular art galleries where you can buy paintings include Guilin Museum Paintings and Calligraphy Works Shop as well as Guangxi Normal University Arts Shop. For visitors who love vibrant nightlife, Guilin has popular nightclubs such as Guilin Plaza Hotel Karaoke Bar and Bravo Hotel VIP Nightclub.

Best time to visit Guilin 

If you plan to travel to Guilin, it is advisable to avoid the first two months of the year. Temperatures usually hover anywhere from 41.7 °F to 44.6 °F. On the other hand, the months of July and August tend to be quite hot with temperatures ranging from 90.7 °F to 91 °F. Take note that the monsoon season starts from April through the month of August. This means it is wise to pack a raincoat or buy one when you get to Guilin. If you visit the town during the holiday season, you can enjoy various festivals including the Jing Feng Festival and the Miao New Year festival. Visitors to the city of Guilin can explore the Karst hills, buy Chinese art, and sample local cuisine.


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Guilin is a stunning city of nature where it is surrounded by two rivers and four lakes and studded with sheer sided karst mountains. Be blown away by the breathtaking scenery that had attracted tourists from all around the world. 

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