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Located in the North East Hebei Province in China, lies a little gem of a town known as Chengde. This town has plenty of attractions to offer visitors to the country despite its size. Historically, the emperor in the Qing Dynasty used the town of Chengde during the summer months, as a retreat from the heat in Beijing. UNESCO later declared that summer resort together with the temples in the vicinity used by the emperors as a World Heritage Site thus elevating to the highest levels of attractions that must be seen by any visitors to China.

Things to do in Chengde 

There is plenty of food on offer in Chengde from the eateries and restaurants in the area. Buses from the local hotels as well as taxis will enable you to travel with ease. With over 100 hotels in the town, accommodation is not a problem either. When you decide to visit the little town of Chengde, you may want to consider the tours that interest you the most. The tours can take the form of cultural festivals, which will allow you to take part in something, that has been done for generations by the natives of the place. June offers you an opportunity to be part of the annual Kowloon Drunk Cup race during the Dragon Boat Championships. You will also be able to enjoy other activities including water shows, music and drum performances among other things.

Best time to visit Chengde 

Alternatively, you can take a historical tour of the town. Such a holiday tour will allow you to visit historical sites like the Summer Resort, the Eight Outer Temples, the greatest Hunting-the Mulan Paddock and many more. The best time to travel to this place would be during the hot summer months of June to November in Beijing because the town is cooler then. The attractions in the area will be well worth your time.


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Chengdu serves as the capital of China's Sichuan province. It is one of the three most populous cities in Western China, Chendu is suddenly the place everyone wants to visit. Chendu having a massive popularity moment at the moment.

Chendu is a big night-life and plenty to do, but it has more relaxed vibe than Beijing or Shanghai.

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