The Americas hardly need an introduction. Covering such a large area, the two continents of North America and South America offer a vast array of activities and tours. Visit Canada and discover its raw beauty and mountainous landscapes. Explore the diversity of this bilingual country and enjoy the friendly hospitality of Canadians. The USA is a country many dream of visiting to see iconic cities such as the sophisticated Washington DC, bubbly Los Angeles or the cool New York City. However, the USA is much more than its famous cities and a visit taking in the National Parks or wild Alaska will prove this to you. South America, made up of many mainly Spanish speaking countries, has its own culture entirely different to North America. Here travel becomes an adventure: sample local delicacies such as guinea pig in Peru, dance the Argentine Tango or Brazilian Samba, trek to the magnificent Macchu Pichu and admire the beautiful Iguazu Falls for an unforgettable holiday.