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As one of the protected islands in the South China Sea, Pulau Redang in Malaysia offers tremendous diving opportunities for people who want to enjoy all that the seas have to offer. This resort-based island is very popular for its unique clear waters as well as the sandy beaches. The numerous species of tropical fish do not hurt either for lovers of marine wildlife.

Because of the numerous sites available, diving is obviously one of the most popular activities for any tourists on holiday there. Other attractions also revolve around water-based activities and they include snorkeling, canoeing and boating. If you want to do other things apart from water activities, you can always opt for trekking through the jungle or playing golf in any of the resort game facilities in the area. Shopping is also an activity you may enjoy and you may end up with a few souvenirs to show for it. Food is in plenty in the island of Pulau Redang and you can have a taste of local sea fare in any of the seafood restaurants and grills within the area.

When you travel to Pulau Redang, you may want to consider going at a time when you can enjoy the best weather, which is usually between March and October. This is when there are no monsoon rains in the area. It is always good to take part in some of the festivals in the island. The experience is one that you will enjoy. Some of these festivals include local music festivals, the squid catching festival better known as Candat sotong Festival among others. Visiting this protected island specifically geared toward tourists will be well worth any money you spend. You will build memories that can be retold for a long time to come.


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